Mother and Daughter Hugging
Enjoying the Woods
Happy Family
Father and Children
Pregnant Asian Woman with Mother
Mother with her Baby
Baby Sleeping
Same Sex Male Couple
Gay Couple with their Son
Couple Showing Affection

Helpful Information and Resources


Kids with Cerebral Palsy and Massage

Just a quick resource sheet on massage and kids who have Cerebral Palsy.

Kids Fighting Cancer

A one page sheet on benefits of massage for kids fighting cancer.

Permission, consent, and trauma informed care

Read more about Trauma Informed Care from a website with infographics.

Ground, Focus, Relax

Here is a great website for coping strategies for kids!

Baby Sleeping

Helping kids sleep

Benefits of Infant Massage including better sleep!

Helping accessibility in many forms

Great story on Partners in Policymaking classes from NPR.

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