• Tiffany Silliman Cohen

How to deal with big changes in your life

First, it is ok to be overwhelmed and to recognize the truth of what is hard. Believe me you are not alone. Sometimes taking a moment to be honest takes some of the hard feelings around struggling away. Also breath--Take 3 deep breaths and just notice where you are and what thoughts are coming up, notice and let go like bubbles floating away.

Second, share your truth with someone you trust. Not to have them fix it but to be heard and to know that you are not alone. They may in turn share something that they are challenged by and it can be a win-win situation. Help recognize a positive thing you appreciate about them and ask the same from them.

Third, visualize how you want to me coming out of this big change, create a one line mantra on where you are headed. What is one thing that helps you get through the rough bits.


After a move "I am excited that I will be living in a space that fits myself and my family."

With a job change "I am looking forward to finding work that best suits my needs and skills."

With a new child "I will get to know this new little one and myself more as a parent and partner"

Fourth, write down 3 things you are grateful for today. Post by your bed at night or put in your calendar for the next day.

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